What is Escrow… In Real Estate?

To keep it as simple as possible, Escrow is the third neutral party of a Real Estate Transaction. 

Here at Oakwood Escrow, our Escrow Officers are the experts you need to ensure your Real Estate Transaction runs smoothly. 

Depending on what state you live in; your Escrow Agent can be an Escrow Officer, an Attorney, or a Title Company Agent. In California, your Escrow Agent is an Escrow Officer. 

At Oakwood Escrow, our Escrow Officers have over 200 years of combined experience to ensure you have the best Escrow experience possible. 

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, working with an Escrow Officer is a must. Actually, a requirement. When you’re in the escrow process, your Escrow Officer is there to ensure the sale or purchase of your home goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Because your Escrow Officer is a third neutral party to a Real Estate Transaction, they make sure they protect all parties of the transaction, including the Seller, Buyer, Realtors, and Lenders. Here are the 3 most important items that your Escrow Officer will do to make sure you have a successful transaction: 

  1. Your Escrow Officer will make sure they meet all the terms of your Real Estate Contract.  
  2. Your Escrow Officer makes sure all documents are complete and filed with the County Recorder’s Office to ensure a smooth transfer of the property from the Seller to the Buyer on the day of Closing.  
  3. Your Escrow Officer is the keeper of all money associated with your Real Estate Transaction. They make sure they account for every dollar and accurately disbursed on the day of Closing. 

Oakwood Escrow knows the importance of how stressful and exciting buying or selling a home can be. Let us relieve some of that stress and be that third neutral party you need. 

Our expert Escrow Officers are here to help! 

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