Consumer Service Inquiries and Complaints

Oakwood Escrow strives to provide our clients with exceptional service. If you should have any complaints or concerns related to your experience with Oakwood, please let us know by completing the following here.

1        Overview

Oakwood Escrow holds a close and personal knowledge that the service we provide is a crucial component to the overall successful closing of a transaction and a direct reflection of any referring source.  Oakwood Escrow constantly strives to build better systems and welcomes the opportunity for comment from a consumer willing to help us do so.

2        Purpose

The Oakwood Escrow complaint management system was designed to be responsive to consumer complaints.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that every Oakwood team member understands the importance and procedures for receiving, responding, recording and reporting a consumer’s complaint for the ultimate purpose of resolving the issue to the best of our ability.

3        Scope

This policy covers the ways a consumer can submit a complaint to Oakwood, the escalation of a complaint through the appropriate levels of Oakwood and ultimately the recording and reporting requirements once the complaint is received.

4        Policy

4.1           All consumer complaints are managed by our Complaint Resolutions Manager.  Any consumer complaint received must be directed to our Complaint Resolutions Manager within 1 hour of receipt. (See ways of receipt directly below in 4.3.)  The Complaint Resolutions Manager is responsible for the following:

4.1.1      The Complaint Resolutions Manager is responsible for being the company’s one directing source for any consumer complaint.

4.1.2      The Complaint Resolutions Manager is responsible for evaluating and distinguishing among inquiries, feedback, and complaints.  Categorizing complaints received is critical for meaningful root cause analyses and management reporting.  Oakwood’s complaints management program was designed to collect all types of complaint data, even in situations when the complaint does not specifically relate to an escrow service.

4.1.3      The Complaint Resolutions Manager is responsible for directing the consumer through Oakwood’s complaint process and facilitating the consumer to a resolution.

4.1.4      The Complaint Resolution Manager is responsible to notify our regulatory body, the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, and if a loan is involved then the corresponding Financial Institution, if the complaint involves a breach of the Oakwood Escrow Inc. Security Agreement or involves complaints of determined misconduct, unfair or deceptive practices, or potential noncompliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

4.2           Tracking and Reporting of Complaint Data.

4.2.1      Oakwood Escrow Inc. maintains documentation on all consumer complaints received and will retain all data collected regarding those complaints for the period of 5 years.

A consumer may submit a complaint for resolution in the following ways

4.3           By asking to speak with a manager or notifying any Oakwood Escrow Inc. employee that they have a complaint.

4.3.1      All Oakwood Escrow employees are instructed to contact a manager as soon as a consumer requests them to do so. If a manager is not immediately available then the Oakwood consumer complaint form should be completed by the person accepting the complaint and emailed to Oakwood Escrow’s Complaint Resolutions Manger.

4.3.2      After accepting and addressing a complaint the manager is to complete and send the Oakwood Consumer Complaint form to the Complaints Resolutions Manager for further processing and recording.

4.3.3      The Complaint Resolution Manager will follow up with the manager and the consumer to ensure the matter has been properly resolved along with reporting the matter if appropriate to the Financial Institution and the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

4.3.4      A response to the consumer from the Compliance Resolutions Manager will be sent within 24 working hours.

4.4           By visiting our ‘Consumer Service Inquiries and Complaints’ form here.

4.4.1      After online submittal the consumer will receive receipt confirmation back via email upon receipt by Oakwood of the consumers complaint.

4.5           Social Media. Oakwood Escrow Inc. consistently monitors the web for any and all comments related to Oakwood Escrow.

4.5.1      If a complaint is noticed then the team member noticing it should complete the consumer complaint form and immediately send it to the Complaint Resolutions Manager.

4.6          DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL PROTECTION AND INNOVATION A consumer may submit a complaint for resolution direct to the The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

4.6.1      The Complaint Resolutions Manager will monitor all communication from the DFPI and immediately address any complaints received.


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