The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media is incredible and it is a huge part of our culture! Although some think that social media has a negative impact on our lives, there are many benefits to it as well, especially for businesses! There are so many different apps and websites that you can use in your business that can and will help you out immensely! The problem is, some do not know how to properly leverage social media! You need to know all the popular social networking sites and how to use them! You need to place your messagse, videos, pictures, news, etc., where and when your audiences will find it! You need to leverage your coverage properly in order to maximize the value!

According to Hack-PR, there are 2 core parts when it comes to media placement distribution along with steps for each core part:

Part 1: Immediate: These are actions that should be taken in the first 48 hours of the placement going live. The goal here is to gain traction and get it shared throughout your industry.

Step 1: Post it to your company blog with a short summary of what you are posting about, whether it be news, a video, picture, etc. Create a unique and catching title.

Step 2: Utilize linkedin’s publishing platform, it is very valuable. Everyone you are connected with will get a notification, so make sure you are consistently connecting with all your clients/potential clients!

Step 3: Make sure to post to company social media

Step 4: Have your staff, clients, friends and even family post to their personal social media to get a more broad audience!

Part 2: Ongoing: These are the actions that should be implemented and followed on an ongoing basis. This allows you to constantly use the piece of coverage and fully integrate them into your marketing, sales, HR and fundraising strategies.

Step 1: Email your database and share news, pictures, or videos!

Step 2: Add logos to your homepage of your website

Step 3: Integrate into your sales process by having sales reps send the link, picture, or news to their clients!

Step 4: Add into your signature line onto emails. If you were featured in a magazine, or if you won and award, you will gain more credibility if you make it known!

Step 5: Use the paid marketing on facebook, instagram, etc. to target specific audiences that you aren’t already friends with!

Using and leveraging your social media is extremely important and often overlooked. Next time you post news, or won an outstanding award, etc. use these techniques we found on Hack-PR and let us know if it helped you!

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