Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

It’s November, which means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! At Oakwood Escrow, we love celebrating the holidays with our families, but hosting can get stressful. Here’s some tips to create an incredible centerpiece for this year!


First, you need to decide on your theme for your Thanksgiving table! Are you going minimalistic and sticking to neutral colors, such as whites and browns? Or are you going more traditional and bringing in all of the colors for fall, bright yellows and deep oranges? Once you know the theme you’re going for, it will be a lot easier to create a masterpiece!

Real pumpkins

You probably went to the pumpkin patch with your kids or family this past October, so recycle those tiny pumpkins you purchased and put them to good use! If you’re going simple, you can line the pumpkins up and down your table runner, and add little tea lights and greenery, leaves, vines, etc., around them to create a simple, yet beautiful centerpiece. If you want to get a little more creative, use a bigger pumpkin for the main piece on your table this year! Cut the top off the pumpkin as if you were to carve it, so it can be used as a base for a vase, floral arrangement, etc., this is where you can get creative! Add a plethora of orange, yellow, and red flowers to bring out the fall colors in your home, or add fall colored leaves and twigs amongst a few flowers to create a farmhouse feel to your table. The options are endless! Cut the tops off of smaller pumpkins to add tea lights in for extra decor, with your big pumpkin arrangement in the center!

Fall leaves

An easy, simple way to spice up what you already have! Use your normal Thanksgiving centerpiece and add some fall colored leaves around the table and down your runner. Bright yellows, deep reds, and rusty oranges are the perfect touch to add some fall vibes to your table. You can collect real leaves from outside, or head to your local craft store to pick some up at a cheap price.

Name tags

Get creative when it comes to name tags on place settings. Use teeny tiny pumpkins and attach a small leaf to the steam with twine and a name on it to add to your pumpkin theme. Cut out felt fabric in the shape of maple leaves, write the names in cursive, and back them with burlap to add a rustic feel to your table. Use pinecones, an easy and free alternative, to stick a name card into and add it to each person’s place setting. Involve the kids to these easy, simple crafts to let them join in on preparing for Thanksgiving!

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