Some Invited Celebrities for the Oakwood4HOPE Celebrity Golf Classic!!

Some Invited Celebrities for the Oakwood4HOPE Celebrity Golf Classic!!

Wes Chandler                    NFL Player                                                         

Israel Stanley                    NFL Player

Charlie Joiner                   NFL Player                         

Emmitt Smith                   NFL Player

Anthony Miller                NFL Player

Chuck Muncie                  NFL Player

Craig McEwen                   NFL Player

Darren Bennett                NFL Player

Hank Bauer                         NFL Player

Dokie Williams                 NFL Player

Sammy Seal                        NFL Player

Pete Shaw                             NFL Player

Andre Reed                         NFL Player

Brett Boone                        MLB Player

Brian Presley                     MLB Player

Lou Gossett Jr.                 Actor

Christopher Knight      Actor

Mike Mercurial               SD Sockers

Kraig Chiles                        SD Sockers

Aaron Susi                          SD Sockers

Eric Wunderle                  SD Sockers

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