Smart Real Estate Episode 9

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but did’t know who to ask. Our host Angie Stanley, sits down and speaks with Robert Wolf from Wolf Real Estate Group, Bill Gaylord from Gaylord-Hansen Team, and Brian Pedo from Give Back 360.

Robert Wolf sits down and discusses how exactly he started in the real estate market, and how he developed his very diverse portfolio. He dives into how his background can really help him service investors, with his kein eye for spotting deals in todays market. He also touches on how the marketing for real estate agents has dramaticaly changes over the times. Here is a link to Robert’s interview:

Brian Pedo speaks about his completely new and innovative process called Give Back 360. He explains how Give Back 360 is a great way for companies to raise much needed funds, using todays technology to develop a turn key process. Everyone has access through social media and it is completely free, watch more for more info! Here is a link to Brian’s interview:

Bill Gaylord joins us, and speaks on how exactly he formed his group of mortgage professionals, called the Gaylord-Hansen Team. He goes over his responsibilities as team leader, whether it is organizing events, contacting clients, video work, and much more. Watch to find out more about which direction Bill thinks the real estate market is going in San Diego! Here is a link  to Bill’s interview:

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