Smart Real Estate Episode 8

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Our host Angie Stanley, sits down with Trevor Smith from Enger & Volkers, Eric Atilano from New American Funding, and Suzzane Nichols from San Diego Probate.

Trevor Smith discusses being a 3rd generation realtor in his family, and his different background which helps him show his buyers oppertunities they would have otherwise been missed. He speaks about the parts of the county that he specializes in, and also gives tips for buyers in todays market. Link to Trevors interview:

Eric Atilano gives us a description of how he became a lender, and how his company is different than other lenders. He describes his aggressive sales strategies and why he chose that way to do business. He is focused on making sure all parties involved in transactions are satisfied, and lets us know how he does that. Watch to find out more about New American Funding. Link to Eric’s interview:

Suzzane Nichols describes to us what a probate attorney, and what a trust attorney does. She emphasizes the importance of discussing the issues associated with buyers passing away, and how she makes that process as comfortable as possible. Watch the video to learn exactly what exactly the probate court handles, and how to create your own back up plan. Link to Suzzane’s interview:



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