Smart Real Estate Episode 7

Everything  you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today our host Angie Stanley, sits down with Jane kepley from CR Properties, Jesse Lipscomb from IRA Solutions Inc, and Bob Weller from Guaranteed Rate. We are in for a good show today!

Jane Kepley discusses how exactly she transitioned into being a real estate agent. She also gives information on Soroptimist, the womens organization that she is the president of, and explains some of the awesome things they do for the community. She talks about the real estate market last year compared to this year, and how to adjust. Link to Jane’s interview:

Jesse Lipscomb talks to us about how taxes for real estate agents differ from other professions, and how his position as a financial adivsor can help agents navigate through it. He really explains how a lot of agents have problems planning their taxes, and why it is so necessary. Watch more of his segment to hear his 3 biggest tips for someone who is getting ready to prepare their taxes. Link to Jesse’s interview:

Bob Weller sits down and discusses the differences between Guaranteed Rate and other lenders, and how they became the eighth biggest lender in the country. He describes the process of applying for loans and the best ways for you to prepare yourself. Watch more for his top 3 tips on finding the right lender! Link to Bob’s interview:



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