Smart Real Estate Episode 6

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today our host Angie Stanley, will sit down and talk with Andrew Aguiar from Urban Financial Group, Mike Yeagar from Palomar Solar Energy, and Melissa Russell from Willis Allen Real Estate.

Andrew Aguiar describes what its like to work for the largest reverse mortgage bank in the united states, Urban Financial Group. He goes over what it takes to qualify for a reverse mortgage, all without income or credit scores! Watch more for his 3 tips for people thinking about applying for a reverse mortgage. Link to Andrews Interview:

Mike Yeagar with Palomar Solar Energy, a residential solar company in San Diego, goes over how solar energy works, and how it could benefit your energy output. He describes all of the different things the business does, and how he makes sure his clients stay educated. Watch more to get estimates on how much making the switch could possibly save you. Link to Mike’s interview:

Melissa Russell joins us and describes why right now is the right time to make real estate purchases. She goes over her strategies when dealing with clients, and the areas she specializes in. Watch more of the video to hear about what she thinks you should look for when picking out a real estate agent. Link to Melissa’s interview:

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