Smart Real Estate Episode 4

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today our host Angie Stanley, sits down and talks with Siobhan Keating from New American Funding, Amy Scruggs also from New American Funding, and Dina Lieber from Cascade Team Real Estate. Todays episode focuses on VA loans and why they are so important in todays market.

Siobhan talks with us about the difference between VA loans and traditional loans.  She discusses qualifications you need for a VA loan, and how they are much more conforming to lower credit scores. She goes over fixed loans versus adjustable loans and how to choose which one is right for you. Link to Siobahns interview:

Amy Scruggs talks about her role as the spokesperson for the American Veterans for California, and how it has helped her company stand out. She discusses the benefits avialable for veterans and why most don’t even know they are available. She describes how important it is that we utilize these options more, or else they may begin to dissapear due to underutilization. Link to Amy’s interview:

Dina Lieber explains what she does as a certified VA pro, and how they assist veterans in becoming home owners. She describes how being a certified VA pro can help her service veterans compared to someone who has not recieved the certification. She encourages all listing agents to become more familiar with VA loans, and why they are so necessary in todays market. Link to Dina’s interview:

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