Smart Real Estate Episode 3

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Real Estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Todays show has a great lineup. Our host Angie Stanley, sits down and talks with Neil Fjellestad from FBS Property Management, Julie Ozanich from Bank of Manhattan, and Georgia Barnette from Property ID.

Neils talks with us about what exactly property management is. and how they are the backbone of the real estate industry. He describes how his company handles all of the “heavy lifting” of the industry that makes it as profitable as they claim to be. Without management companies like his, the market today would be much different. Link to Neil’s interview:

Julie explains why it is very important to find a lender with experience, in order to make the process much smoother. She gives her three biggest tips for first time home buyers. She discusses the importance of getting pre approved for loans, and how it takes a lot of risk away from the transaction. link to Julie’s interview:

Georgia from Property ID, describes what exactly a natural disaster disclosure is, and why they are required in the state of CA. She gives 3 tips for finding natural disaster disclosures for real estate agents. Link to Georgia’s interview:

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