Smart Real Estate Episode 2

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today our host Angie Stanley, sits down and speaks with Maria Pena-Morales from Remax Ranch & Beach, Daniel Horanyi from Gateway Funding, and Armen Abramyan from Vester Pest Control. We are in for a good show today!

First Maria speaks about her team of realtors, Team Q. She explains how the team came to be, and why it is more beneficial for clients to hire a team. She is very excited to announce her Rancho Bernardo Honorary Mayor Program, which is being launched today! Link to Marias interview:

Daniel starts off by talking about his favorite parts of being a lender, steming from his passion to help people. He discusses the different types of loans available to home buyers, and how his company can help them navigate through the loans. Also watch the video to hear why he firmly believes that now is the best time to purchase realty. Link to Daniel’s interview:

Armen then discusses why pest control is such an important part of todays real estate industry. He discusses the aspects of the pest control industry that most people do not realize exist. Also he goes over the most common pest problems with homes in San Diego, and how to identify them. Link to Armen’s interview:


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