Smart Real Estate Episode 18

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. This episode, our host Angie Stanley speaks with Heather Brandt from Brandt Surmount Insurance services, Steven Mckinley with Freeland McKinley and McKinley, and Frank Carpenter with Frank Carpenter Real Estate.

Heather covers what exactly her company does, to insure her clients recieve the best insurance possible. Also she covers the types of insurance she specializes in. She really dives into why you need to work with a broker instead of a captive agent, and why her company is the right choice.

Steven discusses the roots of his company and how they became what they are today. He tells us about the importance of having a real estate attorney, especially when it comes to drafting up new terms or other documentation. Also he covers some common problems with properties that would result in the need of a real estate attorney.

Frank Carpenter tells us how he went from being in the housing and redevelopment department to becoming a realtor.  He also goes over his different marketing techniques, whether it is using drones, or simple social media. Watch more to find out more about why Frank Carpenter is different than other realtors.

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