Smart Real Estate Episode 15

Smart Real Estate Episode 15

OTV presents Smart Real Estate. We answer all of the real estate questions that you have, but don’t know who to ask. Today on the show we talk with Connie Malkiewicz with Brush Realty, Andrew Aguiar with Sierra Pacific Mortgage, and Philippe Heller with

We speak with Connie about her journey through the real estate business, and how she went about building her team. She also covers how exactly you should go about finding a good real estate agent. Link to Connie’s interview:

Andrew Aguiar is a reverse mortgage specialist, and he goes over what a reverse for purchase is, how exactly you qualify, and further details. He also brings in a client who gives a testimonial on how finding a reverse mortgage specialist can really help you find the home of your dreams. Link to Andrew’s interview:

Last we have Phillipe Heller, who speaks with us about real estate inspection companies. He dives deep into the technology his company uses to make sure properties undergo an extensive inspection. His company is helping redefine the standard of home inspections, watch the video to find out why! Link to Phillipe’s interview:

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