Smart Real Estate Episode 11

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today on the show our host Angie Stanley, sits down with Patty Hopper from Oakwood Escrow, and Mark Schultz with Solutions Real Estate, and Sam Goodwin with HOCOA.

Mark Schultz speaks about what Solutions Real Estate does to stand out from other real estate brokers. He discusses his companies devotion to the agents succcess with their clients, and what they do to insure it. He talks about common misconceptions about todays real estate market, and the proper way to maneuver through it. Link to Mark’s interview:

Patty Hopper talks us through her history as an escrow officer, and what made her switch to Oakwood Escrow. She covers common misconceptions about Escrow, and explains what their role is in real estate transactions. Link to Patty’s interview:

Sam Goodwin explains how HOCOA can relieve the stress from home repair maintnance. He talks about their extensive background check his company does on contractors to make sure his clients get the best service possible. He explains his companies membership program and how it can result in enormous savings for his clients. Watch the video for more information!  Link to Sam’s interview:


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