Smart Real Estate Episode 1

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, but didn’t know who to ask. Today our host Angie Stanley, sits down and speaks with Kenny Simpson from Residential Wholesale Mortgage, Krystal Moore from Residential Wholesale Mortgage, and Mike Litton from Keller Williams Escondido.

Kenny Simpson, a lender, starts off by explaining differences in the lending industry this year, compared to last year. He also talks about how the fact that rising values in todays market will overall have a great impact on the market and the economy. Watch more to find out why he thinks now is a great time to buy! Link to Kenny’s clip:

Krystal, a commercial mortgage broker, explains the differences in investing in residential versus commerical real estate. She talks about the office and retail buildings vs the industrial buildings. She discusses why now is a great time to both sell and buy commercial properties, and how her company can help with that. Link to Krystals interview:

Mike Litton, a realtor, discusses his transition from being a lender to a realtor, and why it was a great switch for him. He talks about how his time spent surviving as a realtor in the down market, only better equips him to help his clients in an up market like todays market. Watch for his 3 tips for somebody facing a forclosure. Link to Mikes Interview:



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