OTV Covers the Rancho ASA Youth Girls Softball Clinic

OTV Covers the Rancho ASA Youth Girls Softball Clinic

OTV covers the Rancho ASA Youth Softball Clinic in sunny El Cajon! The Rancho ASA Softball League consists of over 100 youth girls that practice their hearts out and put great effort to play the game of softball and to be competitive.  Moreover, Melisaa Tucci who is their fundraising manager, helps raise funds, gain community involvement, and raise awareness for the league! They put on this small clinic to help the girls learn new tips and tricks to help their game. They were lucky enough to have Carlos Asuaje come out and join them for the day.  He brought great joy to all the girls by coming out and helping with their pitching, batting, and other softball techniques.  He remembers the impact clinics like this had on him when he was younger, which is what drives him to help and give back to leagues such as the Rancho ASA League.

The interviews were done by Tawnie Vargas of Oakwood Escrow, who is a Sales Representative at our Oakwood Escrow Del Mar Office. For more videos go to www.oakwoodtv.tv and for more on Oakwood Escrow go to www.oakwoodescrow.com.


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