Our Mission

“To be the premier provider of Real Estate Escrow services. To raise the expectations of our customers by providing operational excellence, superior quality, competitive rates and a passionate commitment. To be driven to enable and support our clients to excel in their business. To offer a dynamic work environment for our employees. To give back philanthropically to our community and beyond and to always maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.”

Logo – A Symbol of Service

“The Oakwood Escrow Logo is of an Oak tree with a single leaf represented. That single leaf is a visual reminder to all of us at Oakwood that each client we serve is unique and we must always serve our clients as if they are the only leaf on the tree.”

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Oakwood Escrow aims to make every transaction as simple, secure, and smooth as humanly possible. The easiest way to open an Escrow transaction with us is by using the form below, or contact us at (619) 430-4584.