OTV covers the Eastlake Golf Tournament

OTV covers the Eastlake Golf Tournament

OTV covers the EastLake Golf Tournament at the Eastlake Country Club benefiting the EastLake Educational Foundation!The EastLake Educational Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in 1995 with the mission of raising funds to support the highest quality educational opportunities in the public schools within the community of EastLake in Chula Vista, California. With the help of businesses, local residents, school staff, families, and events as this; they have been successful in implementing their mission! Since there has been a huge budget cut in funding for schools, schools are relying on foundations such as the EastLake Educational Foundation, in order to enhance the educational system!

This was the 21st annual EastLake Educational Foundation Golf Tournament. EVERYONE who participated in this tournament made a difference in the kids lives! All proceeds allow the Eastlake Educational Foundation to reach out to the schools through technology, which means more than 8,100 students are given the ability to acquire the skills and tools needed so they can survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based world.

Interviews are done by Angela Mills of Oakwood Metro! The interviews include; Karen Janney with the Sweetwater Union High School District, Francisco Escobedo with the Chula Vista Elementary School District, Barbara Legg who is the President of the EastLake Educational Foundation, Autumn Reid who is the Administrative Assistant for the EastLake Educational Foundation, Christopher Tobin who is the Executive Director for the Eastlake Educational Foundation, Lynn Howell with Manalo Realty Team Eastlake, and David Landers who is the General manager for the EastLake Country Club!

For more on the Eastlake Educational Foundation go to:www.eefkids.org

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