OTV Covers the Break the Silence Golf Tournament

OTV Covers the Break the Silence Golf Tournament

The May We Give for Love Foundation was founded by May Nguyen. This foundation is dedicated to raising awareness for individuals who are less fortunate. Since the poverty level is so high in America, they want to be a part of giving back to our communities through not only charitable donations but also volunteering and raising awareness. We were so excited to sponsor a hole at this great golf tournament and to be able to have OTV there at the Admiral Baker Golf Course to cover it.

Interviews were done by one of our amazing sales representatives, Angela Mills! We got some awesome interviews that give some insight on this event and charity that include: May Nguyen the Founder of the charity, Yvette Bowlin the Marketing Director for Realty National San Diego, Ebony Boyle a realtor with Realty National San Diego, Lorna Boyle a Volunteer at the event, and Jason Holdinskiwith with The Hyper Farmer Web Design!

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For more on May We Give for Love go to www.maywegive4love.org

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