OTV Covers the 1031 Exchange Concepts Class

OTV Covers the 1031 Exchange Concepts Class

OTV covers the 1031 Concepts Class at the Beautiful Bay Front Hilton! Lance Growth with Asset Exchange Company, frequently puts on a 1031 Exchange Concept class so that he can inform and educate the real estate community! One of our Escrow Officers and Branch Manager at Oakwood Escrow Metro, Eddie Chance, had the chance to speak at this great class. Some of the few things he discusses in the class includes; how to defer all capital gains tax, a timeline for a 1031 Exchange, details of a reverse exchange, and how to utilize a qualified intermediary.

For a brief overview of the class, watch our OTV. The interviews are done by Molly O’Dell of Oakwood Escrow! The Interviews include; Mark Zeiter with Mass Mutual Financial Group, Carole Cesarone with California Oak Realty, Andre Kwan with Synergy One Lending, Eddie Chance with Oakwood Escrow Metro, Linda Wimsatt with Coast Capital Wealth Management, and Lance Growth with Asset Exchange Company!

For more on Assest Exchange Company go to: www.ax1031.com

For more on Oakwood Escrow go to: www.oakwoodescrow.com

For more videos go to: www.oakwoodtv.tv


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