OTV Covers the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk

OTV Covers the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk

The Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk is an inspirational 60 mile walk that makes a HUGE difference in the fight against breast Cancer, and we were able to see that difference in their brief jaunt through Del Mar. Oakwood Escrow was beyond excited to be there cheering them on and to cover the walk with OTV!

All the men and women that walked past us were there to make a difference and you could tell how much this walk meant to each one of them! Each walker raises $2,300 in donations; 75% of the proceeds go towards research programs, Community health and advocacy, and global Partnerships, and 25% goes towards screening, diagnosis and treatment assistance programs, patient navigation services and education. It’s a big commitment to raise that much but they do it for those they love and for themselves!

Last year, Susan made a bold goal, to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the United States by 2026! They want to make a bigger, bolder impact and BE MORE THAN PINK!

Oakwood Escrow went out early in the morning and cheered on the survivors and supporters. We got some great coverage of the walk and we were able to interview a few people! The interviews include; Yvonne Walton with Oakwood Escrow, Marcia Campagna with Carrington Real Estate, Michael McCaffery with Carrington Real Estate, Courtney Newland with Oakwood Escrow, and a few Amazing walkers!

We can’t wait to support the men and women next year!

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