OTV Covers A Night to Remember Charity Golf Tournament

OTV Covers A Night to Remember Charity Golf Tournament

OTV covers A Night to Remember Charity Golf Tournament at the Salt Creek Golf Club in Chula Vista! Interviews are done by Angela Mills of Oakwood Escrow. The interviews include; Cheryl Shields who is the founder of A Night to Remember, Erica Lawson who helped organize the golf tournament, MaryAnn Hausbeck who helped organize the Auction for the golf tournament, and Paul Rischer who is a participant in the golf tournament!

What is ‘A Night to Remember’? 

A night to remember is a prom night put on every spring for special needs students through out San Diego County. They get a first class experience with this prom! Every boy gets a tuxedo and every girls gets a dress, along with a limo ride and red carpet. This golf tournament was put on to help raise funds for all these special needs students to have the absolute best prom!

How many people attend this event? 

Currently the prom has over 800+ students that attend! Half of the attendees are students with special needs, who they call their “Honored Guests”, and they partner them with an “able-bodied” student from an area school, which they call their “Hosts”. The event keeps on growing every year that they put it on!

How has this event made an impact on the community?

Not only does this event bring great joy to the special needs students who attend but it also brings pure happiness to the “hosts”.  Friendships and long lasting bonds are created through this event! On prom night, dancing and fun knows no disability. One of the prom’s Hosts captured it best in the May 2014 USA Today article featuring the event – “It’s the greatest feeling and the most incredible thing I have ever done…It’s like any other high school dance if you minus the awkwardness and multiply the happiness.”

How can you help with A Night to Remember Prom? 

You can be a student host, which is between the ages of 15-22! Registration to become a host opens March 1st.  You can attend events such as the Golf Tournament to help raise funds for the event, or you can volunteer at the event which includes a huge variety of things you can help with: adult volunteers

We are so happy we were able to be at this event and learn what A Night to Remember prom is all about!

For more on A Night to Remember go to: www.anighttorememberprom.com

For more videos go to:www.oakwoodtv.tv

For more on Oakwood Escrow go to: www.oakwoodescrow.com

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