Eddie Chance

Oakwood Escrow is continuously growing! We would like to welcome Eddie Chance, Who brings over 20 years of escrow experience to Oakwood Escrow. He has worked with both small and large escrow companies over the years.

Eddie’s escrow experience has given him two important insights. First, escrow customers range from first time buyers with no real estate expertise to extremely sophisticated institutional investors and real estate sales professionals. Second, customers have many alternatives to choose from when selecting a provider of escrow services. Eddie’s “take away” from these insights is a sense of personal responsibility to work hard at listening to his clients, assessing their needs and doing everything he can for the client. Keeping in mind that his position is one of a neutral third party he works tirelessly to make sure transactions proceed timely and as smoothly as possible.

Eddie has worked in a number of fields prior to working in escrow. He has a baccalaureate degree from a “brick and mortar” institution, the University of North Texas. However, Eddie believes his work and personal experiences are far more important factors in who he is today versus his educational background. Eddie has had other successful professions prior to working in escrow. He has been a manager in the “up-market” hotel business and has been successful in sales. This type of past work required travel and many first time professional encounters. This experience has proved to be a huge benefit to him in his escrow career because it requires a mindset similar to what is needed to be a great escrow officer.

Eddie’s personal background is also varied. He is the son of a “rough neck” oilfield worker, born in Texas and raised in Louisiana. His Dad and siblings of seven followed the available work which meant moving many times. This kind of experience taught him how to deal with new people and places and has served him well in dealing with his escrow clients. He’s tried very hard to transform relations with new customers who come to him as strangers into lasting, trusting professional relationships.

Eddie’s life experience has taught him that dealing with change and changing situations is a given and critical to his professional and personal success. He knows that escrow is not a rote business; every escrow is unique and presents its own set of issues. Eddie’s favorite part of his job, which he sincerely enjoys, is the process of meeting new people and engaging with them.

Eddie is excited about his new career at Oakwood Escrow and looks forward to continuing his growth and expanding his wealth of knowledge.

Eddie can be reached at 619-240-8547!

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