Oakwood Values Neutrality

Oakwood Escrow is a completely neutral third party to the transaction. We are truly independent and not tied or affiliated to any brokerage, Realtor, title company or bank.

What does that mean to me?

We will act as the neutral party to ensure both sides are fairly represented to protect the integrity of the escrow contract.

Oakwood Escrow is not paid by nor does it have any ownership in any Real Estate brokerages or affiliation with any Realtors that would cause bias, we are truly a NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY.

Our Escrow officers and staff are not paid by the brokerage or Realtors handling the sale transaction of your home. This ensures fairness and neutrality for all parties involved in the escrow transaction.

How do I know if the escrow company is Neutral?

Before opening escrow, make sure and inquire about who owns the Escrow company. This information won’t be publicly listed on their website, you’ll need to ask.

Once Escrow is opened, if there are any affiliated relationships to any Realtors or Brokerages, this information MUST by law be disclosed in the Escrow instruction paperwork.

However, it usually isn’t easy to find this fine print and waiting to research this information after Escrow is already opened isn’t ideal as it will make more work for you to switch companies.

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Have Questions?

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Oakwood Escrow aims to make every transaction as simple, secure, and smooth as humanly possible. The easiest way to open an Escrow transaction with us is by using the form below, or contact us at (619) 430-4584.