How to Have the Best Staycation

Sometimes we all need a vacation. Instead of breaking the bank with traveling, enjoy the beauty of this city we all get to call home and have a staycation in San Diego! Here are our favorite tips to have the best staycation!



To make your staycation feel like a real vacation, pick a destination that doesn’t necessarily feel like home. The hotel can really make or break your experience, because you are making it your home away from home after all. We love hotels where you can kick back, lay by the pool, enjoy a spa experience, and feel relaxed at. A few hotels we recommend are:

Hotel Del Coronado: This historical hotel sits right on the beach, where you can relax by the ocean or at one of their many pools, enjoy shopping steps from the hotel, bike along the boardwalk, or dine oceanside at the 1500 OCEAN Restaurant.

Omni Hotel La Costa: Located in Carlsbad, Omni La Costa is the perfect staycation getaway, with their eight swimming pools, award winning spa, tennis courts, golf courses, and easy accessibility to the beach and Legoland.

Paradise Point: Feel like you’ve stepped into paradise when you stay in Mission Bay at Paradise Point with their bungalow-style guest rooms hidden away in lush, tropical gardens on their 44-acre island, which offers five swimming pools, beach bonfire pits, endless recreation options, and is just a short drive away from the beach, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park.



One of the hardest things to do on vacation, especially if work often follows you home, is to leave work at the office. We highly recommend leaving your phone behind, turning off your notifications, and refrain from checking your emails. The whole reason for your staycation is to get away from the stress and consistency of work, so let yourself enjoy your time off! Be present and worry about work when you resume your normal life. Staycations are for unwinding and relaxing, so allow yourself time to do so!


Enjoy Yourself

While this goes hand in hand with relaxing, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and your time away from home, work, and everyday life. Whether you’re on staycation with the family, friends, or your partner, don’t forget to enjoy the moments you’re in! Splurge on a fancy dinner one night, take a spa day if you really need some relaxation help, and don’t forget to take photos. Vacation or staycation, you’re going to want to remember the time you had with your loved ones!

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