Home Inspections Ease Your Mind and Prevent Costly Problems Later

Home Inspections Ease Your Mind and Prevent Costly Problems Later

Get a Home Inspection Before Closing Any Escrow

No one wants to buy a defective item, no matter what it is. When we give out money for a product or service, we do so because we believe that such a product or service would match value for the amount spent. The same also applies when purchasing real estate. Get a home inspection!

Buying a home is not only a substantial investment, but it is also a place where you and your family want to feel safe and build lasting memories. For this reason, you will want to make sure you buy the perfect house for your needs. Therefore, a home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process. Just because the house looks perfect on the surface doesn’t mean it is free from defects brewing underneath the surface. Having a home inspection by a qualified home inspector can save you costly repairs and upgrades over the long haul.

Home Inspections—An Essential Part of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Having a home inspection is so essential that it is routinely a part of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement. It is in the Real Estate Purchase Agreement for a reason, and you don’t want to just read past that section. During your contingency period, you will have the opportunity to complete a home inspection and other inspections to ensure the home that you are purchasing is in good condition and meets your standards.

The point of the house inspection is to identify any significant issues with the house before closing escrow. The best time to get your house inspection is at the beginning of your Real Estate transaction, just after escrow opens. (Check with your Real Estate Agent on the timelines per your Real Estate Purchase Agreement.) The sooner you have it done, the better. If you need a quality home inspector, check with your Real Estate Agent to see if they have any good recommendations.

What Happens During the Home Inspection?

During the actual home inspection, you can be present. If you are present during the home inspection, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any good inspector will talk to you about their findings, and they are happy and willing to answer all your questions. During the home inspection the inspector will look for any major or minor defects to the house, safety issues, items that need to be repaired or replaced. The inspector will search the entire house, including, but not limited to, the plumbing, electrical, ceilings, heating, A/C, water heater, bathrooms, exterior walls, and cracks in the foundation. You name it; they will check it. Usually, the home inspection takes anywhere from two to three hours to complete. At the end of the inspection, the inspector will provide you and your Real Estate Agent a copy of their findings in the form of a Property Inspection Report. This report will be detailed and will include their findings and recommendations. Make sure you go through this report with your Realtor. If there are any significant issues or something needs to be repaired or replaced by the Seller, now is the time to request these issues.

Conclusion—Home Inspections Are Essential to Save You Costly Repairs

Getting a home inspection can give you the peace of mind that you need knowing the house that you are purchasing is in good and safe condition. Buying a house is such a huge investment and an emotional investment, so making sure you have your future home inspected is a necessity.

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