Oakwood Escrow Announced the Launch of OFIT!

Oakwood Escrow Announced the Launch of OFIT!

What is OFIT?? Glad you asked. OFIT was created  to encourage us to be healthy, active and live longer. Real Estate is a very stressful industry and Escrow is very challenging at times. Oakwood Escrow believes in a quality of life/work balance and we are always looking for ways to encourage our team to be happy and healthy!

OFIT is a challenge and a social media platform for us to share our ‘Why’ (what drives you to be active and healthy), blog about our experiences, encourage each other and above all have fun! Life is too short to be sitting all day at a desk and then to go home and sit out a couch all night. So get up, get active and let’s find creative ways to encourage each other and build team morale.

What do I do? First you write your OFIT Why. Your OFIT ‘Why’ is the reason you are joining this challenge. The challenge is to have 30 minutes of physical activity each day, Monday thru Friday! This can be whatever kind of activity you choose. Go walking, running or hiking. Check out a pilates, yoga or spin class. Whatever your choice just DO SOMETHING!

No excuses. If you want to join our efforts post your ‘why’ on our OFIT Facebook page and we will send you all the details you need 

JOIN THE FUN! Find us on Facebook under ‘Oakwood Fit’

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