Oakwood Corporate Officers

Jason Scally started his career in Title and Escrow working for LandAmerica Developer Service in 2004. He was brought on to work with small and mid size developers throughout the State of California. Jason’s role quickly developed into a National and International role with Projects in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Mexico.

Jason’s favorite part of his job is providing support to the Oakwood team and creating an atmosphere that nurtures balance. He believes that creating an environment that allows each member of the team to thrive with their individual strengths is a key essential to ultimately providing our clients with the very best service possible.

Jason is most excited about the ability to create a working environment that provides happiness and success to the Oakwood team as a whole. The escrow industry can be stressful with tight timeframes so being in a supportive and peaceful environment is crucial to an individual’s overall health.

Jason is happily married to his wife Erin and they just celebrated their 15 year anniversary. They love hiking and have a goal to complete the Pacific Crest Trail along with hike the Highland Hills of Scotland.

Jason is very proud of the team at Oakwood Escrow and excited for the growing company’s bright future.

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